All in the Same Boat Bait and Tackle

One of my favorite facebook feeds is ASB Tackle. It’s a guaranteed smile-maker because you always see photos of satisfied customers, happy fishing enthusiasts. I’m amazed at the giant fish foks are catching up there. All in the Same Boat Bait … Continued

Fishing Hooks for Christmas

From now until Christmas, please use the coupon-code here to get a BIG discount on our website: This coupon is our way of saying THANK YOU for your interest in ADDYA Hooks!   Ice fishing, also known as hard-water angling, … Continued

Ice-Fishing with ADDYA Hooks

How many layers are you wearing? Ready to go ice fishing? Ice fishing, also known as hard-water angling, is a popular pastime practiced primarily along the ice belt, a cold-weather zone located north of the 41st parallel that spans the … Continued

Salmon Report from Fat Nancy’s in Pulaski, NY

It was a good month for Steelhead and Salmon up in Pulaski, New York! If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Fat Nancy’s on Route 13 to pick up ADDYA Bait-Holder Hooks. A recent “Salmon River Report” put out by Fat Nancy’s said: “Cold … Continued

What Makes a Great Fishing Hook?‏

A Great Fishing Hook is Strong, stays Sharp over multiple uses, and is Durable–like the ones from ADDYA Outdoors! Here’s some information and reviews for our Bait-holder Hooks: Chad Bulkley, Bangor, ME: “ADDYA Hooks are very strong. Their large eyes make … Continued

Author Jeff Nichols discusses ‘Caught,’ Hollywood and career detours

By John Nelander Special to the Daily News Jeff Nichols is a writer who tells bluntly honest stories about himself and his troubled past as a young man struggling with learning disabilities and an over-the-top enthusiasm for drugs and alcohol. … Continued

Premium Baitholder Hooks

About ADDYA Baitholder Hooks: TOP RATED CATEGORIES: QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, SHARPNESS   These baitholder hooks feature large eyes, super-sharp points, and two barbs on the shank that hold live bait in place. Hooks are available in sizes 2 through 6 to target … Continued

Fall Bass Fishing Patterns & How To Keep Up

For many bass fishing enthusiasts, fall is a slow and long slog of a season, one characterized by a dwindling number of fishing competitions and by fish migration patterns that are not optimal for bringing large quantities of fish home … Continued

Watching her hit that net was a relief you can’t imagine…

The classic for 2014 TNT season was held on Saturday, September 6th, out of the historic Whitey’s fish camp here in Clay County Florida. It was a great day of fishing for the most part. Weather was overcast, slight sprinkle, … Continued