Tips from a Pro: How to catch Small Mouth Bass

Pro-Staffer Joe Fontaine’s advice on fishing for Small Mouth Bass:

Joe Fontaine & Small Mouth Bass
Joe Fontaine & Small Mouth Bass
It’s summer time and the water has warmed up and if you want to catch small mouth you will need to look deeper. One of my favorite ways to do this is with a drop shot. I use a 2/0 Manasquan hook and a 1/8 oz. drop shot sinker with a six and a half inch Hawgly worm. I start in about ten feet of water and work my way out to deeper water until I find the depth the fish are at. Most of the time the fish will pick it up on the first drop. If not just work it back to the boat slowly just shaking your rod tip keeping the sinker in contact with the bottom all the way back to the boat. Look for deeper weed lines, steep drop-offs, and tapering points into deep water.
Be patient and keep looking until you find the magic depth. When you find it you have a starting depth for any other likely looking places that day. Good fishing and tight lines.
Fishing with a single hook, instead of a tight-net or a triple hook, is a great way to catch healthy fish. The single-hooks from Addya Outdoors are healthy for fish and healthy for humans!
Joseph Fontaine
Pro-Staffer at LandUm Tackle, Tournament Angler


GOLD Bait-Holder Hook, Dynamic Cutting Edge Point
GOLD Bait-Holder Hook, Dynamic Cutting Edge Point 
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