Meet Pro-Staffer Joe Fontaine

Welcome Pro-Staffer Joseph Fontaine! Joe says ADDYA hooks catch great fish!!!

Joe Fontaine, Pro-Staff for Addya Outdoors
Joe Fontaine, Angler, Pro-Staff for Addya Outdoors
Fishing with a single hook, instead of a tight-net or a triple hook, is a great way to catch healthy fish. The single-hooks from ADDYA Outdoors are healthy for fish and healthy for humans!
Joseph Fontaine
Pro-Staffer at LandUm Tackle and ADDYA Outdoors, Tournament Angler
GOLD Bait-Holder Hook, Dynamic Cutting Edge Point
GOLD Bait-Holder Hook, Dynamic Cutting Edge Point


This picture was taken on Squam Lake NH. Joe was pre-fishing for a Tournament there. He caught a lot of fish, with hooks from Addya Outdoors.
Joe loves the Sleek, Slick, Super-Sharp Hooks from Addya Outdoors. We promise long-lasting sharpness, because Addya Hooks undergo a dual sharpening process: machining and chemical treatments that together is termed as Chemical Sharpening. This renders the hooks to be very sharp, leading to quicker penetration! With Addya Outdoors, you’ll never need to sharpen your hooks again. Hooks from Addya Outdoors stay sharp longer than any hook on the market!


Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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