Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament, sponsored by ADDYA Outdoors

ADDYA Outdoors is a proud sponsor of the third annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament!

On August 8th, Frank Bridges caught a 56 pound 1.6 ounce striper and weighed it in at the Powder Horn Outfitters in Hyannis, MA. This fish secured Frank the weekly win in that division, and a few moments of glory at the top of the overall leaderboard. BUT, it was short-lived success because on August 11th Jean LeComte weighed in a 56 pound 3 ounce fish, besting Frank’s catch by just 1.4 ounces!

Jean LeComte with his 56 pound 3 ounce bass caught on August 11th!
Jean LeComte with his 56 pound 3 ounce bass caught on August 11th!

On August 7th, organizers received 2 new entries into the Bluefish Division.  A 16 pound 1.5 ounce fish from Richard Rade that now has him in second place on that leaderboard, and a nice 7 pound 9 ounce fish caught by Laura Shannon and weighed in at AW Marina.

It was a good week for fluke as well. Laura Shannon caught a 6 pound 8 ounce fluke on the same day as her bluefish entry, and Gary Stephens secured himself the weekly win with an 8 pound 3 ounce fish.

The Evan Metropolous Conservation Catch and Release Division received 6 new entries this week from some faces that are becoming quite familiar!  Peter Kosciukiewicz sent in 5 more all between 30″ and 42″, and James Katsaros joined the raffle with a 43″ bass caught on August 10th!

There are some seriously big fish out there right now- good luck!

Leaderboard on August 18

*Changes to the leaderboard are noted in red*
Striped Bass by Boat
1st Place: Jean LeComte – 56lb 3oz
2nd Place: Frank Bridges – 56lb 1.6oz
3rd Place: Michael Littlefield – 53 lb 0oz

Striped Bass by Shore
1st Place: John Bruno – 47lb 5.6oz
2nd Place: Chad Braga – 45lb 5oz
3rd Place: Kevin Brignole – 35lb 7oz

1st Place: Michael Larson – 17lb 1.6oz
2nd Place: Richard Rade – 16lb 1.5oz 
3rd Place: Stefan Jaworski – 15lb 1oz 

1st Place: Christopher Wallis – 12lb 14.4oz
2nd Place: Tom McMahon – 11lb 3oz
3rd Place: Dan Galligan – 10lb 15oz

Junior Bass by Boat
1st Place: Cole Perschino – 50lb 5oz
2nd Place: Francine Mastrangelo 41lb 2oz
3rd Place:  Mitchell Carrol- 41lb

Junior Bass by Shore
No Weigh-Ins

Junior Bluefish
1st Place: Richard Rade III – 13lb 12oz
2nd Place: Joey Scrofani – 13lb 4oz
3rd Place: Joey Scrofani- 12lb 15oz

Junior Fluke
1st Place: Kevin Fasulo – 7lb 11oz
2nd Place: Dylan Blackburn – 4lb 12oz
3rd Place: Marlin Stavola- 4lb 11oz

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