Why get hooks from ADDYA Outdoors?

Stephanie Brace of Oswego, NY, won the 2014 LOC Summer Derby Grand Prize
Stephanie Brace of Oswego, NY, won the 2014 LOC Summer Derby Grand Prize

ADDYA Outdoors is a proud sponsor of the LOC Trout and Salmon Derby.

Read the praise for ADDYA Outdoors in the latest edition of the Lake Ontario Counties Newsletter.

ADDYA HOOKS –A new line of hooks for the Great Lakes … super tuff and very high quality. Great for your King Salmon derby rigs for flies … you will never bend one!

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ADDYA Outdoors is family-owned and operated. We create the finest, surgically sharpest, hooks available to the commercial and recreational industry, and we’ve been at it since 1943. Using state of the art technology, our award-winning black nickel coated hooks set the standard for “Hook-Up” performance world-wide, with over 100 million sold annually. There is only one name for the best Fish Hook available today: ADDYA!

Premium Fresh Water Hooks
Premium Fresh Water Hooks

ADDYA Hooks: “There’s three things that stand out to me about this hook: it’s sleek it’s slick and it’s sharp!! It has a small diameter that makes a smaller hole in the fish’s mouth. Its slick finish allows me to re-use a worm on multiple fish. It’s sharp!! Out of the package put all three together you have a surgeon’s needle.”

Give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Stephanie Brace & her Salmon
Stephanie Brace & her Salmon

The Summer Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Trout and Salmon Derby was held June 14-July 27, 2014 and once again some very impressive catches came to the scales for this popular lakewide competition. After some seesaw action that saw West battle East in most of the species categories, it was the middle of the lake that came through with the Grand Prize catch- a 31 pound, 11 ounce Chinook salmon that was hauled in by Stephanie Brace of Oswego while pre-fishing the Sodus Pro-Am out of Wayne County. She collected the $10,000 Grand Prize (plus the $100 daily salmon prize in July) at the awards ceremony held at Captain Jack’s in Sodus Point on July 27.

While more and more women have been enjoying outdoor sports like fishing and hunting, the female contingent are still in the minority. That’s hasn’t stopped them from cashing in time and time again in the LOC derbies, which proves an important point: Anyone can win the LOC Derby! However, like the state lottery, you have to be in it to win it!

“We didn’t think it was as big as it was,” said Brace who was tournament fishing out of Sodus Bay at the time of her catch on July 18. Fishing out of her boyfriend’s 29-foot Penn Yan name CB II – who just happens to be Tom Allen of Oswego – she was alternating reeling in fish with teammate Kelly Burger of Baldwinsville. Kelly’s husband Eric made up the fourth team member. It took Brace 25 minutes to bring the fish in, the biggest fish she has ever caught. “We were fishing in 400 feet of water in front of Port Bay, using a wire dipsy on a two and a half setting,” said Brace. It was 250 feet back when the fish hit and it took out about 400 more feet of line before they finally got the fish in.

“Stephanie can reel fish in as good as, if not better than, the guys,” said Allen, who was leading the derby for a short time with a 28 pound, three ounce king himself. For the Grand Prize catch, they were using an A-Tom-Mik B fly (what else, Allen owns the company) trailing behind a Mountain Dew E-Chip Pro Troll flasher.“The girls reel in 95 percent of all the fish we catch.” The team also managed to win Big Fish Friday during the weekend contest thanks to Stephanie’s timely fish-catching heroics.

(by Bill Hilts, Jr.)

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