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Vanessa Fletcher is not your typical fisherwoman… she didn’t grow up on the water. She was always outside as a kid and loved to be in the water, but no one took the time to teach her how to fish until later in life.

One of the first things people learn about her husband is that he loves to fish. That was fine with Vanessa because she loved being on the water, so she would take her book and read if she wasn’t swimming or just enjoy the scenery as her husband fished. Two years into her relationship, that routine got . His love of fishing was starting to grow on her, it was almost as if it was seeping into her veins. When she says love, it wasn’t a we-go-fishing-every-now-and-then-love. She realized that in order to truly “get him” she would need to at least try fishing.

So, she decided to give fishing a try, but unlike those who were practically born with a fishing rod in their hands, the experience was painful to her at first:

“I am the least coordinated person on Earth. He had to cast for me in the beginning (my husband is a very patient man). There was even crying.”vanessa-fletcher

She was scared of the fish, but he was kind and took his time teaching her. Over time, she got better and better. Her casts improved, and she began to understand what they were doing and why they did certain things. “When you are involved in the process, it makes the end result much more rewarding,” says Vanessa. Since they live in Florida, they fish in a number of different places and catch a variety of fish. Her husband made it fun, and most importantly, he didn’t let her give up.

Vanessa says that she doesn’t remember which fish it actually was, but that she remembers feeling a change take place within her. She finally “got it” — felt that rush that her husband said he had always felt… she was dreaming of fishing, too. Eventually, she felt confident enough to start to research on her own.

It’s been three years now, but each fish, each tug on the other end of the line, is still exciting to her. She thinks fishing is so thrilling because you just never know what you have on the end of your line. It’s like a mystery waiting to be solved. “It really is like a real life book you write yourself,” comments Fletcher.


Oceans of thanks to Vanessa Fletcher, lady angler and blogger at, for sharing her story.

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