Author Jeff Nichols discusses ‘Caught,’ Hollywood and career detours

By John Nelander Special to the Daily News Jeff Nichols is a writer who tells bluntly honest stories about himself and his troubled past as a young man struggling with learning disabilities and an over-the-top enthusiasm for drugs and alcohol. … Continued

Premium Baitholder Hooks

About ADDYA Baitholder Hooks: TOP RATED CATEGORIES: QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, SHARPNESS   These baitholder hooks feature large eyes, super-sharp points, and two barbs on the shank that hold live bait in place. Hooks are available in sizes 2 through 6 to target … Continued

Fall Bass Fishing Patterns & How To Keep Up

For many bass fishing enthusiasts, fall is a slow and long slog of a season, one characterized by a dwindling number of fishing competitions and by fish migration patterns that are not optimal for bringing large quantities of fish home … Continued

Watching her hit that net was a relief you can’t imagine…

The classic for 2014 TNT season was held on Saturday, September 6th, out of the historic Whitey’s fish camp here in Clay County Florida. It was a great day of fishing for the most part. Weather was overcast, slight sprinkle, … Continued

The Great Fish Fry, by Robert Harkness

Kristen was about 12 years old and Tommy was about five and we were staying at an old Benedictine Monastery that had been converted to a resort on the McKenzie River, in Oregon. We had access to the resort through … Continued

Four Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing is a great activity that can be exciting and tranquil at the same time. It is no wonder then that more and more Americans are taking to fishing like a fish to water! If you are planning your first … Continued

What Family Fishing Means To Me, by Heath Hutchison

From the time I saw my first fishing pole I was hooked. I started fishing when I was a little boy. My Dad used to take me fishing in the ponds, creeks, and riverbanks of Southeastern Ohio. When I was thirteen, … Continued

Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament, sponsored by ADDYA Outdoors

ADDYA Outdoors is a proud sponsor of the third annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Fishing Tournament! On August 8th, Frank Bridges caught a 56 pound 1.6 ounce striper and weighed it in at the Powder Horn Outfitters in Hyannis, MA. This fish secured … Continued

Fishing in Summer Shallow Slop  

Summer Shallow Slop  by Justin Ball, Pro-Angler and Pro-Staff for ADDYA Outdoors As summer is in full swing here in Florida, most people think the fish go deep or look for docks to hide under.  I find that chasing natural, … Continued

Take a kid fishing!

For Parents If children have fun during their first few fishing experiences, there’s a good chance they’ll be “hooked” for life. Here are a few tips to help make those early fishing events a success: Be safe. Young children should wear … Continued