Grandpa Abe – ADDYA Outdoors

With Father’s Day coming up, I’ve been thinking of my grandfather, Abe, who liked to fish with my mom. I never got to meet my grandpa Abe, who died while my parents were making wedding plans. I’ve heard he was … Continued

Fisherwoman Spotlight | Vanessa Fletcher

Vanessa Fletcher is not your typical fisherwoman… she didn’t grow up on the water. She was always outside as a kid and loved to be in the water, but no one took the time to teach her how to fish … Continued

If you could only throw one bait for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Below is a guest-post by Justin Ball, Tournament Angler Justin is a Pro-Staffer for Land-Um Tackle, whose Trapper Hooks are made by ADDYA Outdoors   People frequently ask “if you could only throw one bait for the rest of your life, what would … Continued

How to Tell a Spotted Bass from a Largemouth Bass

While fishing on the Hiwassee River in Tennessee with my main angling squeeze, we had the good fortune of reeling in a species of black bass that is quite often mistaken by anglers for a largemouth. What species was it? … Continued

Fishing Worldwide

Around one billion people around the world rely on marine fish as an important source of protein and even more rely on fish from rivers and lakes. In Cambodia, for example, a whopping 95% of a person’s daily protein might … Continued

Fishing Stories

Ice fishing requires patience. Fish are sluggish in cold water so it is a good idea to commit to a hole for a while. As you and your fishing buddy are waiting, and maybe jigging your line every now and … Continued

6 Ice Fishing Tips to Target Species Through the Ice

It has been said that variety is the spice of life… I firmly believe that this concept should also apply to your life as an ice angler. Don’t let the chilly winter temperatures deter you from experimenting with new baits … Continued

How a Bluegill Saved My Life

Professional writer and angler Debbie Hanson has authored articles on fishing and the outdoors for publications such as the Visit Florida Official Florida Vacation Guide, Times of the Islands Magazine, the blog and Game & Fish Online.   Humble … Continued

ADDYA Hooks: Success in the Yucatan!

Aniket Ghai, from New York City, recently took ADDYA Hooks on his vacation in the Caribbean, to the spectacular habitat of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Here’s his catch, a nice bonefish. He’s also sporting an ADDYA Hooks T-Shirt. Thanks Aniket! WHAT … Continued

Facts about Recreational Fishing

Facts about Recreational Fishing from American Sportfishing Association and NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, based on 2013 findings: • There are approximately 60 million anglers in the U.S. of which 46 million are estimated to fish in a given year. … Continued