Soft Plastic Fishing With Joe Fontaine

Below is a guest-post by Joe Fontaine, Tournament Angler Joe is a Pro-Staffer for Land-Um Tackle, whose Trapper Hooks are made by ADDYA Outdoors   One of the most effective bass lures ever created, its versatility is unmatched and the action in the water … Continued

Tips from a Pro: How to catch Small Mouth Bass

Pro-Staffer Joe Fontaine’s advice on fishing for Small Mouth Bass: It’s summer time and the water has warmed up and if you want to catch small mouth you will need to look deeper. One of my favorite ways to do this is … Continued

Meet Pro-Staffer Joe Fontaine

Welcome Pro-Staffer Joseph Fontaine! Joe says ADDYA hooks catch great fish!!! “Fishing with a single hook, instead of a tight-net or a triple hook, is a great way to catch healthy fish. The single-hooks from ADDYA Outdoors are healthy for fish and … Continued