What Makes a Great Fishing Hook?‏

A Great Fishing Hook is Strong, stays Sharp over multiple uses, and is Durable–like the ones from ADDYA Outdoors! Here’s some information and reviews for our Bait-holder Hooks: Chad Bulkley, Bangor, ME: “ADDYA Hooks are very strong. Their large eyes make … Continued

Author Jeff Nichols discusses ‘Caught,’ Hollywood and career detours

By John Nelander Special to the Daily News Jeff Nichols is a writer who tells bluntly honest stories about himself and his troubled past as a young man struggling with learning disabilities and an over-the-top enthusiasm for drugs and alcohol. … Continued

The Great Fish Fry, by Robert Harkness

Kristen was about 12 years old and Tommy was about five and we were staying at an old Benedictine Monastery that had been converted to a resort on the McKenzie River, in Oregon. We had access to the resort through … Continued