What Makes a Great Fishing Hook?‏

A Great Fishing Hook is Strong, stays Sharp over multiple uses, and is Durable–like the ones from ADDYA Outdoors! Here’s some information and reviews for our Bait-holder Hooks:Gary Tyler in Melbourne, FL

Chad Bulkley, Bangor, ME:ADDYA Hooks are very strong. Their large eyes make them easy to tie onto your line.”


Kermit Fultz, Harrodsburg, KY: “I used these hooks while fishing striped bass with live bait. They are durable and perform excellently.” 


Gary Tyler, Melbourne, FL:  “I tested your J hooks, O’Shaughnessy style. Here’s a picture of Dolphin trip with myself & my friends with the catch at Sebastian Inlet, Florida. Liked them a lot!”

Heath Hutchison, Alpine, CA: “There’s 3 things that stand out to me about this hook: it’s sleek it’s slick and it’s sharp!!


GOLD Bait-Holder Hook, Dynamic Cutting Edge Point
GOLD Bait-Holder Hook, Dynamic Cutting Edge Point
ADDYA Baitholder Hooks are TOP RATED by the North American Fishing Club in QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, and SHARPNESS. They target a large variety of freshwater and saltwater species.ADDYA Outdoors baitholder hooks feature large eyes, super-sharp points, and two barbs on the shank that hold live bait in place. Hooks are available in sizes 1/0 (smallest) through 8/0 (largest) in Hi BronzeGold, and Black Nickle

All of our Premium Hooks can be ordered at  http://www.ADDYAOutdoors.com

Happy Fishing!

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