Top 5 Sport-Fishing Species

Recreational fishing is one of the most popular forms of sport among anglers. It’s a individualized experience–you can relax alone among the peace and quiet or challenge yourself by indulging in big games.

Freshwater Fishing and Saltwater Fishing – This sport is best enjoyed alone or with a companion so that you can enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful calm surroundings.

Here are five of the most sought after fishing species.

1.  Salmon

Salmons are found in land-locked pockets of rivers and lakes. Fishing for salmon in rivers is done the best during their upstream migration period each year. Salmon varieties like the rainbow trout and Kokanee are abundant in lakes and offer a great fight while getting snared and require tremendous amount of skill to catch.


2. Snook

Found in abundance in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, Snook fish is a prized catch among many anglers as they have great fighting capabilities. They are most active in waters with temperatures ranging from 68F to 78F. Winter is not a very good time to fish for snook and it is not considered to be an appropriate season for this type of fish.


3. Tuna

Commercially a highly sought after fish; Tuna fish gained popularity among anglers in the 1950’s.  Anglers fish for Tunas in Kayaks. Ernest Hemmingway and Habana Joe were famous recreational fishermen who enjoyed hunting Tuna.

Since they are extremely fast swimmers, they require immense skill and technique to catch.


4. Bass

Bass fishing is a multi-million dollar industry in the United States. This fish is found in lakes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, streams and creeks. The Black-bass is the most sought-after game fish in the United States. Largemouth bass are renowned for their resistance and large sizes when hooked. Their small mouth fights aggressively on the surface when hooked. This provides good challenges to anglers for fishing and it also to makes the sport exciting.


5. Trout

Trout is most popular among fly-fishing anglers. they can be fished in fresh water and salt water. Popular in Great Britain, Japan, North America and Australia trout fishing has been done practiced the 14th century. There are dedicated websites that guide you and provide fishing expeditions for trout fishing in Europe and United States.

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