Upcoming Saltwater Fishing Expo March 7

ADDYA Hooks is proud to sponsor the Ward Melville High School Fishing Club’s 3rd annual Saltwater Fishing Expo and Fundraiser on Saturday March 7 2015. The Fishing club is an extracurricular club going strong for the past 5 years in East Setauket, in Long island’s Suffolk County, New York. Members are 10th-12th graders, and the current membership is about 60. Here’s the group last year in Orient Point, NY, on a charter boat daytrip in May:

Ward Melville High School Fishing Club on the Charter Fishy Business Orient Point, NY 5/24/14


Addya Outdoors will provide hooks to attending young anglers and will be stationed at the FISHING UNITED table. The guys at FISHING UNITED are bringing leader material and will be teaching any and everyone interested how to tie knots and rigs for your favorite type of saltwater fishing. There will also be some hook literature available which should help and aid you in choosing the various styles of hooks.  This is a great opportunity to grab some free ADDYA Hooks, learn to and make some rigs you can bring home and increase your fishing IQ!  Make sure to stop by and say hello and learn a few things along the way!!

Ward Melville High School Fishing Club Members fishing at Orient Point, NY, May 2014

What better way impact the life of a person then to teach them and take them fishing. The club started off small but this year they have easily tripled in size. Currently there are over 60 active members in the club, ranging from 10th grade thru 12th grade. Students keep in contact with alumni and incorporate them into appropriate club activities. These young people get a great experience learning about fishing, understanding and respecting conservation and sharing in a general admiration and love of the outdoors.

It is our pleasure, at ADDYA Outdoors, to collaborate with the Ward Melville High School Fishing Club on their Saltwater Fishing Expo and Fundraiser!

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